Ellipse Chair – The fully integrated urodynamic measurement system

Maximum precision and ergonomic comfort in urodynamics

Fully integrated and well thought out in every detail:

The concept behind this fully integrated urodynamic measurement system: All analysis functions are permanently installed in the urogynaecological chair, including the flow system, catheter puller and pressure transducers. These move to follow any alterations to the position of the chair. The Ellipse Chair allows the entire range of urodynamic analyses to be completed in one sitting.

Further benefits:

  • Measurement in a seated, lying or standing position
  • Reproducible high-quality measurement results
  • Minimisation of artefacts
  • More relaxed examination procedure for the patient

A host of other cost-efficiency factors add more arguments in favour of the Ellipse Chair:

  • Brief, comfortable and cost-efficient examinations
  • Short set-up and reconfiguration
  • Multi-purpose use through optional features
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